NICADD Computer Facilities


Our group is equipped with a Beowulf cluster. It consists of 56 dual processor nodes, connected through a 100 Mbit network. The operating system is Fedora Linux, and the installed software includes up-to-date Intel Fortran 90 and GNU C++/g77 compilers, PV-WAVE, ROOT, PAW analysis packages, LATEX and OpenOffice word processors.

CONDOR batch system and support for LAM/MPI application allows effective utilization of cluster resources:
Server: 1Gb RAM, 2x Athlon 2600+, shared 1.5Tb raid array

Worker nodes: 1GB RAM/node, Amd Opteron 1800(2x15 nodes), Amd Atlon 2400+(2x24), 1800+(2x16),
shared disk space: 4.5Tb


We have 21 licenses of the PV-WAVE software. PV-WAVE is a program that can be used heavily for visualization and analysis of data. It has been used in many fields of science (mainly physics and engineering) and has a very good track record. It can be used on different platforms (Windows or Linux) and works in command-line or graphic environments. For more information about PV-WAVE you can visit the vendor's site:

ROOT - a free platform independent analysis tool developed at CERN.
Very sutable for processing huge amount of data. Project home page

LAM (Local Area Multicomputer) package - allows writing/running parallel programs on cluster.

CONDOR - an effective batch job management system.
Project homepage