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NIU Physics Faculty have close links with Fermilab and Argonne National Lab, and often involve undergrad and graduate students in research involving both institutions. For more information, see the links here and here.


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Chair: Dr. Laurence Lurio, 815-753-6470

Assistant Chair/Director of Undergraduate Studies:     Dr. Yasuo Ito, 815-753-6477

Director of Graduate Studies: Dr. Dhiman Chakraborty, 815-753-8804

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Physics Help Room: FR 251 M-Th 9-5, F 9-3

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News & Highlights

Research Compliance and Integrity will hold RCR Forum designed to support high quality research and promote graduate student professional development. Forum session will provide information for students about Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR).     April 8, 2015 La Tourette Hall 201 at noon - Research Misconduct, hosted by Shannon Wapole (ORCI): Panelist: Dr. Carol Thompson, Dean Brad Bond.

Congratulations to Daniel Stange and Nilanjana Kumar who are recipients of the 2015 Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award on April 21, 2015 at the Altgeld Hall Auditorium.

Jamison Thorne's write up and reflection on the Industrial Physics Forum was just published in the latest edition of the national magazine for the Society of Physics Students, called the SPS Observer

Andrew Morrison (our own alumni) will be featured on STEM cafe on 2/24.

"The Physics of Nuclear Propulsion" - Feb. 25, 2015, La Tourette Hall Rm 227, 1:00-1:50 PM - A special lecture for Physics undergraduate majors. The guest lecturer, Lt. Haggerty, is a Nuclear propulsion officer in the Navy, who will share real world experiences and examples about nuclear power, reactor principles and submarine operations.

Michel van Veenedaal pens new book "Theory of Inelastic Scattering and Absorption of X-rays" (Cambridge University Press)

Professor Swapan Chattopadhyay wrote a column on "The 2020 vision:the new face of accelerator science at Fermilab" in Fermilab Today (Jan 28, 2015 edition).

APS/IBM Research Internships for Undergraduate Women and Underrepresented Minorities: Deadline is February 15

Fermilab Today article highlights NICADD scintillatorfacility.

Professor Steve Martin presents "The Importance of Making Mistakes" as a Presidential Teaching Professor Seminar on October 21, 2014 at Capitol Room, Holmes Student Center.

Physics undergraduates Jamison Thorne and Ashlyn Shellito attend 2014 Industrial Physics Forum conference in Brazil.

NIU Today and Fermilab Today article highlights Harsha Panuganti and Philippe Piot's research on laser-driven beams and nanotube cathodes also appears in CERN Courier.

NIU Today article highlights Octavio Escalante-Aguirre's work on g-2 in Italy in Summer 2014.

NIU Today article highlights Fermilab g-2 experiment and Mike Eads, Mary Shenk, Mike McEvoy, Aaron Epps, Eric Johnson, and Octavio Escalante-Aguirre

Fermilab Today article highlights proton tomography scanner and George Coutrakon.

Renowned physicist Swapan Chattopadhyay, currently director of the Cockcroft Institute in England, has accepted a joint appointment to Northern Illinois University and Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. Professor Swapan Chattopadhyay will be joining Department of Physics as a faculty this fall 2014.  Please join us in wishing him a warm welcome to the department.

NIU Physics researchers (G. Coutrakon, B. Erdelyi, and V. Zutshi) as members of The NIU proton Computed Tomography (pCT) project team, and the software team led by N. Karonis were issued an US patent (US patent No. 8,766,180) for their application entitled “High performance computing for three dimensional proton computed tomography (HPC-PHT) on July 1st, 2014.

Roland Winkler recognized as an "Outstanding Referees" out of 63,000 active referees of American Physical Society.

Omar Chmaissem, S Avci, J.M. Allred made a new breakthrough in superconductivity research with his ANL collaborators led by Dr. Ray Osborn

Philippe Piot and Chris Prokop highlighted in ASTA newsletter

David Hedin renewed as Board of Trustees Professor

NIU-Fermilab accelerator physics collaborative effort highlighted in Fermilab Today and NIU Today

Jerry Blazey, Steve Boi and Ashlyn Shelitto present at 2014 AAAS meeting

Mike Fortner receives award for outstanding environmental leadership.

Forbes magazine puts physics on the list of the 15 most valuable college majors.