The Department uses donations made to the NIU Foundation to support a number of activities. These activities are important to the mission of our department but are often difficult to fund through normal accounts.

To make a donation, send a check made out to the NIU Foundation with a note of the particular fund. The donation can be sent to the Physics Department or directly to the NIU Foundation. Please let us know if you need additional information on any of the funds.

NIU Foundation - Physics Funds

Physics Department General Fund

Provides funds for all department activities at the discretion of the Chair. To make an online donation to the department, visit the NIU donations page. 

Physics Outreach Fund

This fund supports outreach activities such as the traveling road show, Physics Olympics, Spooky Halloween Lab, Science Camp, and the observatory. Items funded include materials, equipment, and scholarships for campers.

Kaluf Astronomy Memorial

This fund supports the purchase of equipment for the Davis Hall Observatory.

Physics Graduate Student Travel

This fund provides for "Albright Awards" which fund graduate students presenting talks on their research at conferences.

Courtland Bohn Memorial Fund

Courtland BohnProvides funds in support of graduate students in the Beam Physics and Astrophysics Group (BPAG).

Eaton-Miner Physics Education Endowment Fund

Provides scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students in the physics education emphasis.